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Any good fashion/beauty books for an aspiring writer?So i’m a teenager and i’m interested in being a fashion/beauty writer but whenever i look for a good book with pictures and words or maybe just about general fashion, i don’t know which one to pick because none have reviews.On amazon i found the teen vogue handbook but i haven’t ordered it because i wanted to know if there was anymore books related to fashion/beauty that i haven’t read :)Thank you if you can help!

Posted by Rhia
seerstoneI can suggest you,” Helpful Herbs for Health and Beauty (52 Brilliant Ideas)” by Barbara Griggs, another one :MAKEUP IS ART Creative make up by AOFM – First edition and the newly published the second edition, whichever you can get hold of, will be good for you.
Catholics-is it greedy to have too many books?I have about 30 books.Im not the brightest so i actually need alot more then that.
I worry/fear though that me having these books that i am now being greedy.Is it greedy to have 30 books?I mean i would give them away if i didnt need them and i read them all.
I would even like to buy more books but im afraid that that that would be greed or something.I would like to buy books on craft,beauty,health,exercise,psychology,art,relaxation,science,medicine, john paull II books and more…
No,im not a troll and no it doesnt imply that Catholics are dumb.

Posted by kay k ♥
seerstoneNo of course not..As long as you actually use those books to read and not as a show piece on a shelf..I had so so many books, I did get rid of most of them though, I had mostly only novels, as I am actually a bookworm.. Now of late I keep only fashion magazines as it is related to my field of work..
However I can say I am greedy to own ‘Book Sposa Moda’ an Italian Bridal fashion magazine which is like 41$ per magazine in my country, but also it is very very helpful for me..Also I do not think it is very greedy to have too many shoes, as I have load and loads.. I get them from my dad and my aunts (all who work abroad) and I can count more than 60-70 pairs of shoes including 15 converse and the rest mostly heels and wedges..
I also give away most of my shoes/used and sometimes even unused to the church and same goes with my clothes..
BTW my sister and me share shoes most of the times as we are the same size, so its own joint collection and not mine alone.I also have loads and loads of clothes and when I studied abroad in Milan, I gave away about 3 suitcases full of clothes, blankets, shoes and other stuff..I’m not vain a greedy, I just have a few interests that may differ from others, and I give as I get more..

Health spas?I would love to go away for a weekend and be pampered silly, saunas ,massages, steam rooms ,jaccusis you name it and i would have it, but i dont know where to go nor how much it costs, any ideas anyone , im in scotland , no jokes about living in the sticks he he ma xx.

Posted by MaryAnn L
seerstoneWell they dont come cheap! Best thing to do is book into a place (i.e a health farm) that specialises in this, rather than a hotel with spa/beauty facilities. Are you prepared to travel? Try for ideas. Most places often charge you overnight stay etc, which may include meals, best to check, also it will include use of pool/steam room/jacuzzi/etc, but pay for treatments separate. I dont know any in Scotland, but there is one in Northumberland (which isn’t too far) called Matfen Hall. Overnight stay approx £180-£220. Midweek is cheaper as far as i know. It is a big old country house, in beautiful settings really. Included in your 1 night stay, they usually do (but best to check) dinner, breakfast, unlimited use of pool etc, and i think you get 2 treatments included, and u choose these 2 out of a selection. And any other treatments on top, you pay for separately. Its worth the money!! Also, you can get 2 night stay packages, but i’m not sure what they include.

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